Sunday, March 13, 2011

ItsHidden New way to Protect Your Privacy On The Internet

itshidden new service Safe, Easy, Anonymous Surfing and its free and the speeds are really good. Ithidden offering ultimate surfing privacy service on the Internet with huge capacity and no complicated software to install, you already have everything you need on your computer right now!

the only draw back is its a pptp vpn as opposed to the more secure open vpn method. but it is based out of the netherlands like xerobank and they claim to keep no logs and say you can use the service for torrents or downloading without limits.
  • is fast and reliable with over 7 Gigabits of Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP addresses for full Port Forwarding, no configuration required
  • Super low user/server ratio meaning lightning download speeds
  • Instant access
  • Total Privacy, no records of your surfing are kept by us
  • No Software is needed
  • 128 Bit Secure Connection to ensure privacy over all networks

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