Sunday, June 20, 2010

Free Download iTunes 9.2 final version

The iOS 4 update would be released on the on 21st of this month and Apple wants everything to be prepared so they have released the final version, iTunes 9.2 (from the earlier Beta), which supportes the new iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 and the iPad.iTunes lets you create your own personal digital music library, allowing you to manage and play your music collection with drag-and-drop simplicity.iTunes, the software part of the equation that lets you pack 7,500 songs in your pocket, automatically synchronizes with the sensational new iPod at high speeds over FireWire.

iTunes gives you the ability to generate dynamic Smart Playlists that reflect your preferences and listening habits. With iTunes easy to create CDs that play back on in your car, your home stereo, Macs and on Windows-based PCs. iTunes 4 adds the ability to share music among your Macs, play and encode AAC files, and view album art. Here are some of the new features of iTunes 9.2:

* Sync and read books with iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4 and iBooks 1.1
* Sync and read books with iPhone or iPod running iOS 4
* Faster backup while syncing an iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 4
* Organize and sync PDF documents as books. Read your PDFs with iBooks 1.1 on iPad and any iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 4
* Organize your apps on your iOS 4 home screens into folders using iTunes
* Album artwork improvements make artwork appear more quickly when exploring your library
Download iTunes 9.2 for Windows  Here

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