Saturday, March 12, 2011

mplayerx On Max OSX With The New Eye Candy Fashion Media Player

mplayer free new generation media player for Max OSX with the new eye-candy fashion Player And It offers you multi-screen fullscreen support and support for Apple Remote. MplayerX is a great achievement. Unlike the other media player applications we reviewed in the past, this one utilizes some of the Mac OS X core components like Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL to bring support for multi touch, multi threaded ffmpeg  .

Indeed, you can swipe with three fingers to forward / backward, pinch and zoom with two fingers to resize the window while a movie is playing. Everything happens “live”, even when you change speed, audio delay and sub delay the app takes less than a second to adjust the settings.

Speaking of subtitles, MplayerX can auto detect the encode method of subtitle file using Universal Charset Detector, change the subtitle size during playback, load subs while playing with either drag and drop or double click, insert letterbox for them. Other features include support for Apple Remote, video snapshot, video tuner for brightness and saturation adjustments, multiple audio tracks.

mplayer Features

  • Play almost any format of file or stream.
  • Multi-touch. Control the player with your fingers.
  • Intelligently detecting the encoding of the subtitles. No need for encoding conversion.
  • Direct pass through. Connect, play, enjoy your home theater.
  • Multi-monitor support. Wanna work while watching your collection? just drag and F.
  • Apple Remote support. Watch your favorites in sofa, more comfortable.
  • Automatically find the next episode. Enjoy the whole afternoon, with just one click.
  • Forget where you stopped playing last time? MPlayerX won't.
Free Download  mplayerx On Max OSX

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