Wednesday, July 21, 2010

beeTV - personalized tv anywhere,anytime For Iphone is your personal assistant for your TV-going experience and will help you find great TV shows and movies to watch on your iPhone, TV, the Web and iPad

When you have 500 channels—plus an entire universe of video on the web and stashed on your iPhone—there’s got to be something on. That’s a situation ready-made for the new, free beeTV video listings app. Too bad the beeTV offering falls a bit short.

The app does have some useful features, including complete listings for local television no matter where you live. Give beeTV your phone number, and it’ll send a note when your favorite program is about to start. It also can narrow its video-viewing recommendations according to whether you’re watching on a television, on the Web or via iPhone—a handy distinction in this multi-platform age.

beeTV has some nice features, but to be truly useful, the app’s recommendation system needs an overhaul.

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