Sunday, June 6, 2010

Firefox Home: Firefox comes to iPhone?

To provide best service to its users Firefox keeps on releasing new versions with improved security and enhanced features. It also has an open source addons community so that developers can easily design and code addons according to their needs and use and merge them within browser.

Now Firefox will also be available on iPhone, yeah all Firefox fans would be amazed to use there favorite brand on iPhones too. But due to some technical difficulties it will not be available as browser on iPhone, but this application known as ‘Firefox Home’ will let you sync your Firefox desktop client to take your Browser session with you.
This application was developed by Mozilla Labs project called Weave Sync for iPhone would take the place of Firefox on iPhone. It has some great features such as it provides browsing history, bookmarks and tabs from users recent desktop browser session.
Sources say that this application could be in market by next month. Opera also joined the list of Web browsers on the application store a few months ago and it seems Firefox Home is expected to give a tough time to Opera App, since the Web pages would open up in Safari itself, which is the default browser for the iPhone.

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