Sunday, June 6, 2010

Next iPhone could be iPhone 4G Ultra?

 iPhone 4G, an idea. Maybe the next version of iPhone, which Apple launches is similar to this one, but one can’t be so sure about it because it’s just a concept that the company may adopt this design in future to which I came across.
It has some extraordinary features such as sturdy Titanium and Glass casing, an OLED displays for better viewing experience and 64 GB of internal memory so that there is no storage problem and one can store thousands and thousands of songs or hundreds of movies in his or her phone.

It will have a 1.2 Ghz processor for faster computing. The iPhone Ultra might also include a 5.2 mega pixel camera and 4G (fourth generation) connectivity. Besides these features it will also have features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and iPhone OS 2.7.
The battery of the phone would be enough for 18 hours of video playback or 48 hours of audio playback
Looks pretty awesome to me.
Just waiting that the Apple adopts this idea and releases iPhone Ultra.

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