Friday, February 4, 2011 - Develop New Habits Easily And "Change your life"

"You come with the goal or desire, and we send you a personalized message every day that you wonder what you did. If you manage to keep the job 21 days, the new habit will be easier to follow.” Skip a day and the clock starts from day one. "

This is the message that you're greeted when you enter, and its aim is simple: to help you keep up the job 21 days, because it seems to overcome the critical period when you start a new activity.

You start by making your account, then you can add various activities or aims. Then you will receive a message that day to confirm whether or not you keep your job (which is preferable to answer honestly), and if you stepped on the lamp, go back to the first day.

everything is preferable to Site some English and have an email address. If you know web application useful or advanced in the same category appreciate if you mentioned in a comment.

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