Friday, February 4, 2011

Find out Your Places You'll Love With Google Hotpot

Last November, Google introduced Hotpot, a new local recommendation engine powered by you and your friends. Using Hotpot is simple: you rate places on  hotels, restaurants,  cafes and add friends on Hotpot whose opinions you trust.

"When I saw yesterday's announcement admit that I read hotspots and I thought it was a mash up with Google Maps. That users will enter the dance, giving the ratings and write reviews on all sorts of venues, from restaurants to schools, from business to museums ... If I see a little skeptical of the project is perhaps because I do not see myself getting involved, creating lists looking for where to eat after what friends say.

The good and surprising is that Google Hotpot launched in 38 languages, There will therefore be difficult to start using it immediately. A search, a results list, click on some stars as you let your heart (sorry, as has been the experience). Of course, you will not find all the goals you want ... in time ... patience. But you refer to integration with other services. For example - see below

 my vote for one company I found on Google Maps. And gradually the circle of friends will feel their opinions in order to search results in Google. If most of your friends recommended a restaurant, when you search for "restaurant" on Google, they will have the lead (probably mega-simplify things).

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