Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Block iAd Advertising in iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Yillier, the developer of Firewall IP has created a file iADkiller.deb which allows you to block the Apple’s iAds in the apps with iOS 4 devices.iAd is an Apple advertising program for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. With iAd, developers can put their advertisements into the apps and this way they can earn some extra money.But if you find them annoying than here is a way to disable these advertising.

How to Remove or Block iAd advertisements from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps

  • First Download  iAdKiller Deb file
  • Connect your iPhone to PC or Mac.
  • SSH into your iPhone.
  • Copy above file in tmp folder.
  • Run this command in Mobile Terminal – dpkg -i /tmp/iAdsKiller.deb
  • Close the Mobile Terminal and reboot your iPhone.
That’s it! Enjoy.
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