Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fresh RAM Free Giveaway

Fresh RAM is a very powerful memory optimization solution. Your system may experience crashes, memory leaks, and slow applications that run out of resources. While using your computer, currently executed applications need a slice of your memory in order operate properly, thus this will slow down your equipment.

Fresh RAM has fast and complicated memory analysis algorithms that balance speed , effectiveness of your PC and run memory optimizations that allows your PC to run just as fast as it did the First day when your OS was installed.
It’s easy-to-understand pie charts and graphs shows you which applications consume the most memory and It’s RAM Usage Identifier will help you how to control them, while the automatic memory optimization options free up memory when you need it most.Fresh RAM normally costs $14.99, but as a promotion, interested Facebook users can now grab it free by becoming a fan on their Facebook page.

How to Get Fresh RAM for Free

  • Visit Reohix Facebook page here
  • Click on the ‘ Like ‘ button and also on ‘ Fans ‘ tab .
  • You will get the Free Lifetime License of Fresh RAM along with the download link .[via]

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