Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Remove In-Video ads and comments from YouTube Videos

When you watch videos and clips on YouTube, some unlike annotations and ads are pop-up between them so each time you have to close or disable them. When you open multiple videos into multiple tabs, this task become annoying and boring. Here is one useful plugin which can avoid them very easily – YouTube Options
YouTube Options is a Google chrome plugin that helps users to disable in-video ads, annotations, comments, right sidebar, video descriptions and footers from the Videos in YouTube.
It also can disable the Auto play features.
With YouTube Options plugin you can turn off unnecessary boxes and contents from YouTube pages very easily. Moreover, You won’t get annoyed or distracted by the popping up in-video ads while you are watching interesting videos.
You can control what you want to hide and show on YouTube pages from the options provided by the extension.
  • Hide annotations
  • Hide in-video ads
  • Hide description (and user comments)
  • Hide user comments
  • Hide related videos sidebar
  • Hide footer
  • Disable auto-play
Download YouTube Options to avoid all distractions in YouTube Videos

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