Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to Remove or Uninstall Ask Toolbar Completely

Toolbars like Google Toolbar and few others tend to be very useful while browsing the net. But on the other hand, you will also find a number of bogus and annoying toolbars over net, and one of such annoying toolbars in Ask toolbar. Ask toolbar comes bundled with many free softwares and gets installed on your system if you don’t follow the instructions during installation. Once installed it automatically integrates with almost all browsers installed on your computer.

Ask toolbar is from one of the most trusted brands,, but it increases page load time drastically and uses much system memory. It also changes your browser homepage to
You can use a free utility called Ask Toolbar Remover to remove Ask toolbar completely from many supported browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. This will also change your browser homepage to from
Simply download Ask Toolbar Remover utility from here, run it on your system and get rid of the Ask toolbar completely.

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