Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guess World Cup Match Winner and Get a Free Daniusoft Software License

Try your luck! Guess the winner!
Daniusoft Software is a well known name among entertainment lover. The developer house produced some great tools such as Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate, Digital Media to iPad Converter, Daniusoft DVD Ripper. You want a special converter for any device, and they have it. In another word they provide best tool when you think about media conversion; not just for Windows user but for Mac user too.

Most of their tool cost you approx $40 but for a limited time you can get it free. They initially giving away Daniusoft DVD Ripper, however they told us that they will add more software soon on this giveaway.
Winning a software is very easy, guess who will win the match and if you guess right winner then they will send you a free license of a product. This offer is eligible for each Football Match in this World Cup 2010.
You can either visit Daniusoft FIFA World Cup 2010 page or Daniusoft Facebook page to join in this contest.

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