Monday, August 22, 2011

Web2PDFConverter Quickly Convert Web Pages To PDF File [Chrome Extension]

Web2PDFConverter which easily convert any website to file. If you are a fan of Google’s Chrome then there is an extension just for you.The extension uses the service to convert webpages and allows you to download the converted PDF to your computer or view it using Google Docs.After installing the extension, you will see an icon at the toolbar.
When you come across any webpage that you want to convert to pdf, simply click on the button and it will start the conversion immediately. The conversion is fast (typically less than 5 seconds) and it runs in the background without disrupting you from your work.
Web2PDFConverter Extension features:
  • Includes a direct link if the process is taking too long.
  • Allows you to view the converted PDF using Google Docs.
  • And of course you can download it to your computer.
Download  Web2PDFConverter

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