Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clean and Optimize Your Windows OS With Kingsoft PC Doctor

Kingsoft PC Doctor, Free professional computer security utility for optimize Windows performance, This comprehensive utility scans and removes malware, patches Windows vulnerabilities, cleans traces, registry errors and deeply optimizes Windows OS. to improve local computer to be operated with advance performance.
kingsoft PC Doctor features:
Anti-Trojan – It is first option you will get on this freeware application. Anti-Trojan function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor exploits both the revolutionary Cloud Security Engine and powerful V10 Antivirus Engine on local device which are presented by Kingsoft Security to defense billions of malicious Trojan viruses program away from your computer. After complete scan by this program you can get option for delete detected Trojan virus from you computer or you can add such program to TrustZone.

Windows Vulnerability Repair – It is Windows repair feature by help of this feature we can scan our system for weakness which allows an attacker to reduce a system’s information assurance. After complete scan by Repair option Kingsoft PC Doctor shall inform computer users information of vulnerabilities which exist within OS of local computer and you can repair all these problems using Repair Now button.

Windows Cleaner – If you feel that your system is slow and full with unwanted files, junks files you can choose this option for clean all of them. Cleaner is a powerful function of the Kingsoft PC Doctor which is designed for cleaning Windows OS unused files and temporary files. We can also clean internet history and registry problems with cleaner option.

System Repair – System Repair is also most powerful function on Kingsoft PC Doctor because it can scan you system for key position of local computer operating system and, detect whether such key position run steadily or abnormally.
Trace Cleaning – You can use this option for erasing traces of online activities, Windows behavior history and internet history also. You can find this function under the Cleaner option of the Kingsoft PC Doctor.

Plug-in cleaning – Plug-in Clearing scans for browser plug-ins and Browser Help objects (BHO) and offers suggestions to remove unneeded plug-ins to speed up your Computer. System Repair scans for any abnormal performance issues and fixes them if any exist due to malware.Download Kingsoft PC Doctor

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