Monday, August 29, 2011

Accelerate Copying Files in Windows 7 With Talent Copy

Accelerate Files Copying in Windows using Talent Copy .copy pasting heavy files in Windows 7 tends to very slow our system. Talent Copy Speed is better than default windows copy and difference increase rapidly with increasing count of small files.
The copy process will start instantly and the app will make full use of your processor by using multiple threads combined with advanced algorithm. You will be able to follow the overall progress along with various other information. It was originally build for Windows Vista but now supports Windows 7 as well.

New in this release:--added new few options. max must be not more than 1700.min must be not less than 30 and must be less than max.ratio must be between 1 and 100.If values are not correct they will be ignored and default values of 1700MB, 30MB and 30% will be used.Options are for advanced users only Download Talent Copy

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