Friday, July 22, 2011

Chrome Toolbox Watch YouTube Videos On A Separate Window [Google Chrome Extension]

Watching online videos (youtube or other video sites) on a separate window gives the feeling of watching it on any desktop media players with the help of google chrome extension. By installing a simple extension from Google called Chrome Toolbox.
Google Chrome Toolbox makes your browsing secure and keeps your data safe. Moreover, you can simply add plug-ins to make shortcuts to get a quick access to all your favorite URLs from theBookmark Manager folder. With the help of Google Chrome Toolbar, you can magnify any image, save it and use it as a wallpaper.
Google Chrome Toolbox gives you the power to customize the browser settings according to your convenience. You can simply customize tab settings such as closing the tabs on double click, open a new tab on closing the last one, and much more. Keyword shortcut such as Quick Launch, Boss Key, Mute all tabs can also be defined so as to minimize your work pressure.
After installation You can even watch videos in the standalone browser window by dragging it out of the page.Click any video to start it play Just hover your mouse over the video to see a small camera icon on top. install google chrome Toolbox extension [via-techpack]

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