Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Now Download Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 Is Available

Internet Explorer 10 is now available for download from Microsoft, although barely four weeks have passed since Internet Explorer 9 was released to web (RTW).

Microsoft introduced: IE10 Platform Preview has been optimized for displaying HTML5 based rich contents such as video, music online playback. IE10 will be a better choice than IE9, of course, but all the two latest IE browsers support HTML5 very well, as you have ever experienced with IE9.

Built on IE9, Internet Explorer 10 focus on supporting CSS3, including gradients, grid and multi-column layouts, and even it allows users to un in a “strict” mode and CSS3′s 3D transforms and transitions.
IE10 Platform Preview 1 is considered the first step in making a significant change of the most popular browsers in supporting the next multimedia code and language standard HTML5.

You can download IE10 platform preview on IE Testdrive website. Keep in mind that the next build will be available in every 12 weeks

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