Sunday, February 20, 2011

WinMend Folder Hidden Securely And Easily Hide Files in Pc And Removable Devices

Do you have something to hide? On your computer, of course I mean this. Most often I can imagine that something might happen where the computer is used by many people (in the dorm roommates, family members) ... WinMend Folder Hidden , despite the name, not only permits you to hide folders but and file.

As you can see the interface is airy and predict what and how to do (is available in several languages, but not yet in Romanian): Hide Folder with folders you choose, and the Hide File (s) choose files. When you close the program you have set to be hidden remains hidden.

As you have access to open the program again, you mark what you want and click Unhide. As you would expect, the program is password protected: enter a password to the first release - can be changed later - and thus "hide" you are protected. Note that there is an encryption program or an extremely high security. Simply hiding, so that neither search nor the setting in MS Explorer to show hidden files and even connect with a bootable Linux CD or some external will not show these folders and / or files. In addition to USB drives going and what you hide on a stick will not see other computers!Download WinMend Folder Hidden Here

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