Friday, February 11, 2011

VSO Image Resizer Free Image Resizer To Resize And Convert Images

There are no programs to scale images, right? IrfanView for example, does its job quite well but others such as Photo Scape, MIR Fast Stone and others, which have all been read to us. The program could displace some of them by the fact that although it is free, invites you to buy him to escape the memory of that ... use it for free.

The program is thus 100% functional, but requires an extra click to launch (Continue). From here on its child's play. Basically we have two steps: first add images as files or entire folders (you can shoot with the mouse and the white panel), and the second step we choose how to do scaling. As you see, several options have predefined profile, and we can define their own "styles. If all you want is to make a package out of a hundred photos directly from digital camera, and have several hundred MB, a reasonable package, good to send via email, when I finished in a few clicks: choose eg 800 × 600 and we click Process. By default the program creates copies of the original images in the same folder, but things can change from the bottom of the tab two (Options).

Let us note that there are some interesting options available in the small tabs: General, Effects and Misc Publish. For example, in the first tab you can choose the scaling algorithm: Cubic Lanczos and give the highest quality, even if they take more time (you will not refer to ... maybe 10 to 20 images 1000 images). From Template to do and change image format: PNG JPG for example ... you name the images after processing will be determined on a Filename Mask: use of question marks every time, where they appear, for with a click Find more information on the object (another click close window auxiliaries As for the effects of the second tab, not much, but I seem Watermark and Border welcome.Download Here

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