Sunday, February 6, 2011

Secure Wipe - securely delete files and folders

Who deletes sensitive information from their PC, should always be aware that this can be restored in many cases by simple means.To avoid this for security solutions are special placed with which the deleted data from your hard disk can be cleaned really well forever. Secure Wipe is one of these tools.

Here Secure Wipe free of charge and also as a portable version.Is supported by the secure deletion of files or entire folders, optionally, with all the subfolders contained therein.On board are all common and more or less secure algorithms that the deleted data to request one or more times to overwrite and to destroy so final.

The program itself is so clearly and without unnecessary functionality. Specify files or folders and press the Erase button. That is it. The settings are reduced to the essentials and placed on a separate page. The general rule is that algorithms need more pass more time, but consider also as much safer.Download Here

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