Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OpenOffice and LibreOffice reached version 3.3

For those who do not know, ORACLE Sun bought the company in 2009 (I think I've mentioned it, at a time). Among others, Sun was the main (most important) OpenOffice project financier.
After this transaction, Oracle was not sympathetic to the community OpenOffice.rog already formed. Decisions about OpenOffice Oracle belonging to a committee led to the branching process of development. Thus, a large part of the old community of developers together under the heading of "The Document Foundation" and is now working on a project called LibreOffice.

Differences between LibreOffice and OpenOffice are not easily found but this time, but during LibreOffice will become what was once OpenOffice.

That said, both suites have arrived several days ago to version 3.3. How Oracle OpenOffice suite is not just that I recommend it, we'll talk more about TDF variant, ie LibreOffice.
I remember when I installed Ubuntu 10.10 it came with a 3.0 penOffice.org presintalat. From what I've read, this is about to change with Ubuntu 11, which is currently tested with LibreOffice.

download LibreOffice 3.3

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