Saturday, February 5, 2011

Download Fearless British Mayor Action Game For Android [Free Game]

I think it's a very well designed game. The controls work perfectly and the images are appealing. It’s a relaxed continuous game .In This game, treadles which stand for all kinds of industrial production facility keep going up. Players must control John to go left and right, get properties, avoid inhaling gas or dropping into the ditch, and make more money.

Now we remake and improve it, adding more creative and funny elements. It’s really an indispensable “Man100” game. With the background of the Industrial Revolution, the game draws a picture of the British mayor of Raiden, John, who pushed on with a great development of industry for money, destroyed the environment seriously.

Fearless British Mayor Game Feature

  • Varying all the time, while the game going on.
  • • Fluent execution, excellent operational feeling, intense visual impact.
  • Creative mechanism of scores, give a chance to show your swift operation and challenge the all players in the world.
  • Many kinds of properties bring a bran-new experience
  • 15 kinds of achievements wait for your conquering 
Free Download  Fearless British Mayor

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