Monday, January 31, 2011

Sipdroid Free VoIP/SIP Client In High Quality For Android

Sipdroid really an amazing Handy application that it easy for anyone to setup without having to know much about VoIP. This is certainly the best way to use GV over VoIP on Android to date. with the potential to save you plenty of money .
Sipdroid is an a java based SIP client that adds native SIP/VOIP to Android’s default contacts Handy applications.Sipdroid allows you to use Android phone with almost any SIP provider. The calls are crystal clear even over a 3G network, likewise for a WLAN connection.SIPDroid is a java based, open source SIP client that has recently been developed for use with mobile devices based on Google’s Android platform.The best part about Sipdroid is that it integrates into your phone, eliminating the need for a separate phone book.

It's been possible to hack a GV VoIP solution by kludging together parts from disparate telephony services including IPKall, SIP Sorcery, PBXes and Sipdroid but the result was complex and imperfect. Users who were able to sign up for Gizmo5 before the acquisition had another option but it too was subpar.

You can find Sipdroid in the Android Market or alternatively can download it here.

Configure extensions to a account
If you don’t already have a account, head over to and fill out the straightforward account registration form for a free account. Next, select ‘Extensions’ from the left-hand navigation menu, then choose ‘SIP’ under ‘Add an Extension.’

Last, configure your new extension with a few critical elements. Make sure you fill out the following fields, at a minimum.

After clicking ‘Submit,’ go ahead and repeat the process for as many extensions as you’d like to set up. Each of these will be specific for a unique Android device. Don’t forget to APPLY your changes when finished by clicking the bright red bar – this ensures your changes take effect. [via-Sipdroid]
Configure extensions on sipdroid
Within the Account Settings section of sipdroid, set up one of your extensions from step 1:
• Authorization Username and Password
• Server:
• Port: 5060
• Protocol: TCP

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