Monday, January 3, 2011

JPEG Imager - Optimize The Size And Quality Of Your JPEG Images

JPEG Imager is an interactive image compressor. It provides a real-time preview of a compressed image and handy means to compare it with original one. You can fiddle with various compression parameters and observe the effect of changes almost instantly.

When you convert an image to JPEG format, you get the option to adjust the quality settings or JPEG compression. But you don’t get a clear picture about the file size and image quality unless you open and check the result.
JPEG Imager presents a unique approach to converting a variety of image formats to JPEG, PNG and GIF formats. After opening an image file, the work area displays a real time preview and the output file size as you set the quality parameters. So you can tweak the quality so as to achieve the target file size if the file is too large.

You can also rotate the image, adjust color levels, brightness, contrast, and apply filters such as blur, emboss and edge enhance. JPEG Imager also supports acquiring images from scanners, text overlays (useful for watermarking images) and batch image processing.

JPEG Imager Features:

  • A quick and easy tool for JPEG conversion and optimization.
  • Displays previews in real time.
  • batch processing.
  • raw support
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