Monday, January 31, 2011

Google Chrome Give Notifications For Gmail , Chat & Calendar

Previous day Google has been able to own law own GMail Chrome, Chapter notifications course. See here the official announcement ... or move on. The capture below you see the windows, most likely from Chrome to Mac (after "balls" on the left, because in Windows there is an x for closing the right to "key" option). I would say it could be more generous with the number of characters taken from an email.

If you have been in the GMail account almost certainly have seen the ad. We are invited to activate our emails and notifications (default off), not just to chat (enabled by default). I think that whoever uses Priority Inbox notifications can be set to come only important emails., if any, to Settings and find the Notices section of the desktop. If you are interested choose two "activations".

If you move fast, do not!, Very quickly, you get to click on the "key" balloon notification, and Choose from the menu you will find a corner position and choose where to show notifications in the future. Warning: notification automatically disappears after a few seconds, even if you tamper with it (read: the menu), which means, again, that we must move quickly. I know it's frustrating and I hope that Google will make a notification to remain visible as long as the mouse is over (like GTalk notifications).

What else to say? If you use GTalk to disable notifications for emails, not double. Today I left all day and go slowly notifications in Chrome but not perfect (eg, notifications have been dropped). The advantage is that if one can watch the GTalk account, these notifications can watch as many email accounts. It's nice that you can work in MS Word or Photoshop and you still see notifications of Chrome.

It's nice that Chrome should be on. But Chrome notifications were "in building" a system of going in the background, and I am sure that soon - oh, why say "soon?" - Of GMail notifications can be configured to operate even with Chrome closed. Personally I do not mind too much because I Chrome 99% of his time on the computer.

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