Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free Download Online Armor Premium With 6 Months License

Online Armor Premium Protects your computer from Spyware, Trojan horses, keyloggers and other dangerous internet programs And Online Armor Premium Firewall protects your money, identity and your data weather you're browsing , transacting or receiving email; Online Armor can protect you.

Online Armor also comes with a powerful "HIPS" functions, which is designed to stop all unrecognised programs from running on your computer, makes it possible to protect yourself against new threats and attacks. In standard mode, most decisions are made completely automatically based on Online Armor's whitelist - users never need answer a complex firewall prompt again.

Online Armor protects your passwords and private information from being stolen by blocking keyloggers as they try to activate. Online Armors behaviour detection ensures that even specially created or new keyloggers are detected and prevented.

Online Armor Premium Free 6 Months License

  • visit any German Proxy and enter below Promo page
  • Promo URL:
  • Now click ‘Gratis Holen’ button, then enter your name, email address and click ‘Lizenz..’ button.
  • Instantly you will receive License code from Online Armor.
  • Download Online Armor Premium Firewall 4.5

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