Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Download GoogleClean - Control Google spy functionality

GoogleClean is a new handy application from AbelSoft.GoogleClean is designed primarily to let you control what Google is able to glean from your online activities, not just through your web browser, but also specific Google applications like youtube,Picasa and Google Earth.

The program asks you a few questions about your habits, and then presents you with a summary screen outlining what’s been found and a Quick Start button, which will quickly scrub all files that provide Google with information about you. You can also view more detail about what the program has detected by clicking the buttons on the left of the screen to access various sub-screens, such as YouTube cookies and Google Chrome’s security options.

GoogleClean can prevent this and switches of those data transfers. It allows you to use all Google products without any headaches and without having to worry about the consequences. GoogleClean does not influence the functionality of Google products. It takes away the bad things and leaves you the good things.

How to get the free License of GoogleClean

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