Friday, January 28, 2011

7CMenuEditor To Customize your Context Menu

7CMenuEditor is a small and easy to use Handy application that allows you to customize your Context Menu. it allows you to add shortcuts to your most used programs and websites in a few easy steps. Just choose the program or website you want to add and press the Create button.

The right-click menu in Windows Explorer has remained untouched for a long time, until third party developers tapped into its functionality and started to offer solutions to improve it. 7CMenuEditoR subscribes to this and provides the possibility to enrich this menu with shortcuts to whatever executable you want.

Its looks are simple and bent on the functional part of the app rather than appease your needs for appealing visuals. With 7CMenuEditoR you’ll be able to add shortcuts to executable files on your computer straight to the desktop context menu of Windows Explorer.Customize your Context Menu using 7CMenuEditor

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