Saturday, December 25, 2010

Free Download BufferZone Pro - Surf anywhere, download anything - Threat free!

BufferZone Pro gives you BufferZone Free Basic Protection with added and expanded features. With BufferZone Pro, you can finally surf anywhere, download anything, open any email attachments, share and chat with your friends and e-bank with peace of mind. Your personal information is invisible and inaccessible to malicious Web attacks.
BufferZone Pro’s patented breakthrough virtualization technology changes the rules of the game. BufferZone Pro complements your existing anti-virus or anti-spyware solution by creating an isolated zone on your PC, which separates your operating system and confidential data from unknown programs, downloads and files.
BufferZone Pro is an application which requires no signature updates at all, while protecting your entire PC against spyware, adware, and viruses - even new and yet unknown ones. Moreover, with BufferZone Pro your sensitive data and personal information are immune from theft or damage.

BufferZone Pro allows you to work with any kind of downloaded content at the same time protecting you against vulnerabilities from all sources, such as external devices, Web browsing, P2P, email, instant messaging, network shares, and much more.

How To Free Download BufferZone Pro

From Dec 1. 2010 to Jan 1. 2011, BufferZone Pro given away for everyone, so you can save with promotion page

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