Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get Free Paragon Total Defrag 2010 SE Genuine License

Defragmenting your hard drive occasionally is a simple but effective way to keep your system running at peak performance, and if you're used to Windows own defrag tool then you might think you need nothing else. Try Paragon Total Defrag 2010, though, and we think you'll change your mind.
This program uses a much better interface, for instance, especially when compared to the Windows Vista defrag tool. It provides a quick visual indication of how fragmented your hard drive might be, and you get a prediction of how long defragging is likely to take.

Paragon Total Defrag 2010 Features :

  • 9 File System Optimization Strategies
  • Smart Defragmentation
  • Fast and the most comprehensive defragmentation
  • 2 Defragmentation Modes
How To Grab your free copy :
  • Login to your Computeractive account (New users create a new account then login)
  • Visit the Promo Page and download the Paragon Total Defrag 2010 Special Edition
  • Register here to receive your free license key.

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