Saturday, August 14, 2010

Portable Linux Apps - Provide Your Favorite Linux Applications In One Place

Thankfully I have found a website for my Linux readers that will eliminate the need to have a Linux portable apps package which you can carry around in your flash.The Portable Linux Apps project brings the ideal of “1 app, 1 file” to Linux. Applications are able to run on all major distributions irrespective of their packaging systems – everything the application needs to run is packaged up inside of it.
Portable Linux Apps  is a free web service that hosts a collection of many useful Linux applications.

The collection of portable Linux applications includes almost all the useful apps like media players, instant messaging clients, chat clients, graphics and drawing tools, compression utilities, note taking tools, console applications audio editors, system tools and many more.

You just need to download your favorite apps from and save them to your USB flash drive. Carry it around and run from any Linux machine you have access to!

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