Saturday, August 7, 2010

Free Download Text Lightning V1.5 With serial number

If you are interested than you will get the opportunity to Free download the Text Lightning v1.05 With serial number Now

full version of Text Lightning v1.05 is currently available for download through Xequte Software Store.
Those who wish to avail this offer should register an account at Xequte and download the $29.50 worth software from this page. Registration is free.

Text Lightning adds a powerful set of tools to Microsoft Outlook to enable you to clear your overflowing Inbox faster than ever before.

Reply to your email more rapidly with instant access to the text you have used in past messages. Text Lightning will even guess the topic of the ucrrent message to provide more relevant responses. You can customize your responses with details for the current message and Text Lightning will start the message for you with a salutation such as, "Hi John". You can search for messages and contacts with a single click and instantly move or permanently delete the current message. Easy to setup and learn to make you more productive in minutes!

"Text Lightning" Power Tools for Microsoft Outlook Features

  • One-Click Insertion of Text, Images and Files
  • Customize your Text Templates with Fields
  • One-Click Searching
  • Integrate with Other Programs
  • Easy Importing and Exporting
More information about Text Lightning, click here

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