Monday, July 5, 2010

Skyfire mobile web browser for Android with it full Flash 10.1 support

Skyfire version 2.1 of its Android browser. The enhancement provides increased stability as well as support for 750,000 additional websites for watching Flash video.

Skyfire mobile web browser for Android devices that brings with it full Flash 10.1 support. The browser is said to be faster and more energy efficient as well as provide better video quality than native Flash 10.1. Since the launch of Skyfire v2.0 beta at the end of April, more than 500,000 Android users have downloaded the browser.

Skyfire automatically scans for Flash-based video and, if found, automatically converts it to HTML5 in the cloud and optimizes it for mobile devices. This is said to result in smoother play, faster load times and a 30 percent reduction in battery life consumption compared to native Flash 10.1.

Adobe deployed Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2, but users are said to be suffering from slow and choppy video delivery and excessive battery draw.

Download Skyfire mobile
OR on the Android Market icon on your Android device and search “Skyfire”

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