Thursday, July 15, 2010

Skyfire 2.2 for Android will be released in next month

SkyFire Beta Version some problems that will be solved when the final version of Skyfire 2.2 for Android will be released in next month. No operating system, be it a desktop one or for a handheld device, can be complete without a good web browser. Recently, the Beta version of the browser SkyFire 2.2 was released Google’s Android operating system.
The version number to be exact is; the new version brings several improvements to its predecessor SkyFire 2.1.
SkyFire 2.2 supports GeoLocation, therefore enabling pages like Google Maps, which use the GeoLocation feature will be fully working with SkyFire 2.2. The search system for SkyDrive is also enhanced with results from multiple engines like Google, Twitter, Amazon are displayed. More search engines will be added in the near future. Also, SkyFire will be set as the default browser for Android version 1.5 to 2.1, with Android 2.2 not included in that list. The browser also contains support for Flash 10.1 and the user interface (UI) is improved to provide a sleeker and smoother browsing interface on Android 2.2. The video zoom features have been enhanced; especially for the HTC devices and also fixes some crash related issues and bug fixes.

Being a Beta release, there are some issues with SkyFire 2.2, with the major ones being popular video streaming service Hulu not working on SkyFire 2.2. However, rather than a technical issue, this is somewhat of a platform problem since Hulu says, “Hulu does not have the rights to support content for mobile devices and thus is blocking Skyfire.” Other issues include finding videos and getting stuck on 25%.

However, things are bound to improve when the final version of SkyFire 2.2 is released in the near future. Meanwhile, the Beta can be downloaded from the Android Market.

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