Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free Download WinStep Nexus 10.4 – Dock Application for Windows7

The Winstep Nexus Dock is a FREE professional dock for Windows. With Nexus, your most frequently used applications are only a mouse click away - and Nexus turns working with your computer into a fun and exciting experience. ,Nexus includes every feature you’d expect from a dock, including widgets, mouse-over effects, skins, drag-and-drop, and even others not available in most other docks, such as live icon reflections, in-dock system tray, Vista Aero Glass effects, and much more. Completely customizable, Nexus has thousands of backgrounds freely available online and is fully compatible with skins for all 3rd party docks.

Winstep Nexus 10.4 Features
  • Multi-Dock System
  • Multi-Level Docks
  • Complete Customization
  • Special FX
  • PNG and TIF File Support
  • Live icon reflections
  • Magnification
  • Auto-Hide
  • Auto-Collapse
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Powerful Dock Manipulation options
  • Respect Reserved Screen Space
  • Reserve Screen Space
  • In-Dock Modules
  • Document Thumbnails

Download the final release of Nexus 10.4

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