Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zoom In & Out Effect Like Mac OS In Windows

Zoom effect in Mac OS is really cool which you can use in Mac OS any times with any application running. You can get the same kind of zoom effect in windows which could be specially helpful for people with some visual problems.
QZoom is a freeware software which provides the same zoom effect of Mac OS in windows, once this application is running in background you can zoom into any part of your screen, so it provides full screen zoom in windows.
An example video shown below, showing how this application can provide full screen zoom.

You can zoon in both by using mouse or keyboard, following are the keys with which you can zoom in or out.
Keyboard – Windows Key is used instead of Apple command key.
Zoom In : Win + Alt + ^
Zoom Out : Win + Alt + –
Cancel : Esc
Mouse – Mouse Scroll Wheel Zoom In And Out.
Zoom In : Control Key + Wheel Up
Zoom Out : Control Key + Wheel Down
Note: It is possible to select and combine it from Ctrl,Alt,Shift and Win Key.
Download QZoom

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