Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How To Share And Sync Flickr Photos to Facebook

You can Upload and Share any Flickr photos to Facebook using Flick2Facebook bookmarkletThis service is completely free and don’t need registration or sign-up. Even you don’t need to have Flickr account.For an automatic process where all of your Flickr photos are uploaded straight to your Facebook Photo Album, try the following tutorial. Unlike the previous tutorial, this methods may be somewhat complicated in setting up, but the end results is rewarding in the sense that you could tag your friends in a way Facebook understands, thus saving time and effort to re-tag them in Flickr and Facebook.

  • Login to your Facebook account, add Flickr2Facebook app to your Facebook.
  • Save the bookmarklet to your web-browser’s bookmarks. You only have to do this once!
  • Surf to the Flickr page with the image on it you would like to upload.
  • Click the bookmarklet in your web-browser’s bookmarks.
  • Click on the Flickr2Facebook logo that appears over the image. This will popup the upload window!
  • Choose the album you would like to upload the image into.

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