Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to Set custom URL for Facebook Pages

Many times I receive messages from others asking "How to Create custom URL for Facebook Pages". I thought I would do a little tutorial to explain.Custom vanity URLs were introduced by Facebook for easy access, promotion and sharing of Facebook profiles. Besides adding custom fancy URL to facebook profile, you can also do same for Facebook Likepages. So, if you have setup Facebook Fanpage for your blog, website, brand – then grab custom Likepage url (like

First of all when Facebook introduced the system of changing the URL of your Fan Pages, the rules were that you should have atleast 100 fans to your Page and once this achieved, you can access the link and change it, but the rule was later changed and the minimum number was made 25 for the number of fans. Hence once your Fan Page has a total number of 25 fans you can visit the Username Setup Page at and then set it up.

I already had setup a username for my facebook account, hence the default message as shown above was displayed. Next you need to click on the link which says ‘Set a username for your Pages’. This would show you a list of all the Fan Pages you have created along with a button which can help you in checking the availibility of the desired username.
Next you will also be given with the suggestions for different available Usernames which are quite related to the one you would be searching for and once you select the one, you need to Confirm on the same. Thats it, you can easily register the custom shortened username for your Facebook Fan Page easily.

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