Monday, June 28, 2010

Download Multiple YouTube Videos using Bulk YouTube Video Downloader.

How many YouTube video downloaders that have been around on the web lately? If you often download videos hosted in YouTube, I’m sure you have known at least several downloaders already. But what if we want to download multiple videos within a single web page from the browser itself? well, for firefox users this can be easily done with BYtubeD or Bulk YouTube Video Downloader.

Once all the links are listed in the add-on window we can select them for downloading, there are also few options that comes in handy. These are selecting destination of the downloaded files, choosing format preferences and downloading the high quality version of the video if available.
One big advantage of using a browser-based downloading tool rather than a web-based one is that you have a lot more privacy. Web tools can log what videos you download, but many browser tools can work without accessing third-party servers.

Download: BYTubeD add-on

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